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  Suzhou Ireland Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd unveiled - Arab Health Forum

Suzhou Ireland Medical Equipment Co.,Ltdequipment manufacturing enterprises collective debut, is a major highlight of the Expo. Kai Yuan medicine through the Sahara certification for products exported to the Arab countries and lay a solid foundation; sand race, multi-dimensional, Kangya other enterprises also showed the characteristics of products to attract home and abroad; Ningxia Na member families, Anuo Kang and other exhibitors, positive corporate image; Ningxia Zhang osteopathic doctors back, back to the hospital orthopedics Zhang Ning ointment, soup bottle eight clinic back to the hospital back to the drug for the first time a national exhibition focus on appearance, to promote its back to the hospital for back medicine knowledge, promotion back to the hospital back to drugs development, promoting meaningful exchange and Arab medicine.

Show fruitful exhibition projects include pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, medical equipment and instruments, medicines, health products and pharmaceutical health industry-related technologies and services. Organized more than 200 exhibitors, of which, the National hundred pharmaceutical companies 19, Tunisia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States and other countries 6 15 enterprises, Taiwan exhibitors 5. During the exhibition, a number of Arab League member states Ministry of Health officials, scholars and entrepreneurs, representatives of the medical and health sector in 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and nearly 3,000 professional visitors and the general public to visit the Expo, and reached a number of cooperation agreements. Health and Family Planning Commission autonomous region, Ningxia Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Ningxia medical device industry association representatives and outside the area of drugs, medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, and the Middle East Dibai Na Shi Li services platform electricity supplier signed a cooperation agreement to build electricity supplier medicine service platform; in fiscal CDB healthcare private pension funds were the pilot and the China Chamber of Commerce for international cooperation, Guangdong Dayuan oasis food safety Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

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