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  Suzhou Ireland Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. released on medical devices

Suzhou Ireland Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd Reuters from the State Food Drug Administration official website was informed that since 2015, in accordance with the requirements of the deployment of the State Food and Drug Administration of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region food and drug supervision departments at all levels continue to maintain an implantable, intervention medical devices, sterile medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents, customized dentures, patching products, contact lenses and family planning equipment and other key products, the daily supervision of high-pressure situation, further rectifying and standardizing the order of the medical device market.


   First, strengthen the stretcher and decorative color Ping optical lenses supervision. Municipalities and counties stretcher and "the United States pupil" business priorities included medical supervision, crack down on business registration certificate without a condom, operate without obtaining a certificate of registration plain color decorative contact lenses, undocumented illegal channels purchasing condoms and arbitrarily reduce operating conditions, illegal sales of condoms for free distribution of national varieties and other illegal business activities.

   The second is to further promote "medical device quality management standard" implementation, efforts to resolve unauthorized changes, lower operating license (for the record) condition, operating storage facilities do not meet the conditions, illegal places outstanding problems set library, over the range of operating licenses and the like.

   Third, the region at all levels of the upper and lower linkage regulatory authorities, to "look back" key areas covered, the focus depth examination of key products, establish and improve the "medical equipment manufacturing enterprises credit rating system and medical equipment manufacturing enterprises interview system regular meeting system "and other 15 regulatory system.

   Four is strongly promoting sterile and implantable medical devices special inspections. Issued "to carry out the 2015 sterile and implantable medical device supervision and inspection notice", cities and counties of the administrative area of sterile and implantable medical device management, and use organized a special inspection, strict regulation of illegal activities .

   During the Fifth formulated and issued a "comprehensive management of Ningxia in vitro diagnostic reagents work program" to carry out a three-month special rectification work within the region, special treatment, the use of the region's business units to check 285 times, made special efforts He achieved results.

   Through various special rectification, the region's food and drug supervision departments at all levels to further strengthen the daily supervision, thoroughly rectify and standardize the market order first aid stretcher, crack down on illegal business activities, constantly enhance the use of units of law-abiding, quality awareness, and earnestly safeguard the the interests of consumers, protected people armed with safe and effective.

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