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  We can not tolerate high-rise elevator stretcher

1.4 meters long, 1.35 meters wide and elevators, how can stuffed 2 meters long, 0.5 meters wide on a stretcher? This is not a math problem, but emergency personnel in high-rise residential perform emergency tasks, often encounter embarrassing problem. May 7 this year, high-tech zones a high-rise residential building, an old man at midnight stroke; March 14, in urgent need of a cancer patient to hospital; in January, an old back injury and discharged to return home upstairs ...... As a result, "stretcher" in the elevator were "stranded", emergency personnel have to try various methods work. In the "stretcher" in front of the urban high-rise residential buildings, the space elevator problems highlighted.

Yesterday, the reporter went to the road where Zhenwu high rise residential zone, see 11 residential buildings, a total of 18 floors, in the west corridor unit, a total of two elevators south and the north, there are some people in the building renovation. In the elevator, the same can be measured with a tape measure two elevator car specifications, the length is 1.4 m, a width of 1.35 m, 1.95 m long diagonal straight line. Luo said the aunt downstairs, check the cell is less than a few months, but there are many residents feel the space elevator is too small. "The same table, other cells can go onto the elevator, we have to split the move again." In January, an elderly poor lumbar discharged home to rest when the body can not move upstairs, and finally we also no way, the old man had to be solidly tied to the stretcher, the stretcher and then diagonally erected in the car carefully on the ground floor.

     "Old bones brittle, and if not careful broke at home, do not know how it went down." In nearly 60 years of Zhang aunt said that at present the district more elderly, where suffering diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease many, there is a sudden often need aid, fit the stretcher elevator, indeed cause great inconvenience.

       Meanwhile reporter visited the city more than real estate, found that high-rise residential building, elevator space varies. Zhou Jiang Ping River Road at the intersection with a high-rise residential area, the reporter entered a total of 17-storey residential building, also has two elevators in the corridor, the same size, length and width are 1.5 m, 2.1 diagonal straight length meters. River Road west of its level a high-rise residential area is being renovated, a height of more than 20 stories of residential buildings, the length of the two elevator car unit corridor about 1.6 meters wide and 1.35 meters diagonal straight length approaching 2.1 m .

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