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  Girls were in a car accident before the college entrance examination hall stretcher

Two weeks ago the college entrance examination this year, candidates Ma Weimin Heyang middle school car accident, was a stretcher into the examination room, still with a score of 655, becoming the county's first liberal arts college entrance examination this year. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter learned that Ma Weimin has been admitted to Beijing University.

     May 24 this year, Ma Weimin Heyang High School Students misfortune out when a car accident, the mother seriously injured was rushed to Xi'an treatment, Ma Weimin serious hip bone fractures, accompanied by a slight concussion. According Heyang school principal Maxu Min introduction, Ma Weimin is the school's top students, the exam but freak accident, people can not help but worry about her. Relatives advised her to recuperate, and so Mingnianzaikao. In that situation Ma Weimin, the relevant departments attach great importance Heyang Heyang secondary schools also arrange visits to the hospital and ask for the families and the candidate himself and the doctor's diagnosis and advice, and ultimately agreed with Ma Weimin education recruitment to take the exam.

     Party Rui, deputy director of Heyang County Board of Education Admissions Office said Ma Weimin for special circumstances, the Board of Education in the exam schedule Heyang counseling teacher, encouraged her to overcome physical difficulties and realize their dreams, and to arrange exam simulation in bed adaptive training; and with the person in charge of coordinating the test center, in the examination without violating relevant regulations and the impact of other candidates to answer, given maximize convenience, allowing candidates to detect over with drinking water, the emergency medicine examination room, at the same time, sent delivery vehicles, the relevant rescue personnel on standby at a specified place. When the college entrance examination, unable to walk because of injuries, Ma Weimin on a stretcher, was carried into the exam Proctors, the successful completion of each of the exams. Eventually, she made a good score 655 points, became the first liberal arts candidates Heyang.

     July 14, Ma Weimin received professional Peking University admission notice law. She said that, thanks to his alma mater to cultivate close male high school in three years and the people who care about her, determined to redouble their efforts in a new starting point, continue to progress, with better results return to society.

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